Composite Cans

Composite Cans

Armagan (brand name by Jaalouk) offers a wide variety of composite cans that are attractive, functional and economical. These packaging requirement are available in a variety of sizing and closures, as well as specialty features including metal stamping and window openings, along with various labeling alternatives, allowing you to create a truly unique package that adds value to your product.

The body construction of the composite container is paperboard, which is available in several thicknesses. In addition, to further your product appeal, you might decide to have printed on your label that your product packaging was made, almost exclusively, from recycled paperboard. Therefore, composite containers are recyclable and environmental friendly.

Armagan quality cans are offered in diameters ranging from 54 to 405 mm , to a maximum length 1m of and wall thickness up to 4mm . This range allows for numerous sizes, most of which do not require special tooling. If you haven't found what you were looking for to satisfy your personal requirements, Armagan has the capability and experience to custom manufacture almost any size. Let us help you with your packaging needs.

  • Advantages of composite cans:

    1. Safe and healthy for food.
    2. Suitable for dry materials.
    3. Light weight.
    4. Environmentally friendly.
    5. Practical and economical.
    6. Fit most recent requirements in the packaging and folding.
    7. Available in multiple sizes.
    8. Easy opening.
    9. Optimum access to the contents , with no sharp edge when opened.
    10. Re-closable with a plastic cap.
    11. Provide several types of top closures / Plastic - Carton - Metal /.
    12. Attractive printing.
    13. Thermal and optical isolation.
    14. Considerable area for product promotion and visibility.

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