Paper core

Paper Core

Jaalouk paper core and bobbins are high on strength, performance and dimensional stability. These results are guaranteed by the technical experience of the company associated with German technology and quality raw material.

  • Paper core applications:

    1. Printing and flexible packaging company.
    2. Paper and tissue mills.
    3. Plastic films producers.
    4. Carpet core.
    5. Dying and cloth tube.
    6. Adhesive tape core.
    7. Strapping core.
    8. Supportive core.
  • Paper Core
  • Product significant feature:

    1. Dimensional stability.
    2. Smooth and homogeneous surface.
    3. Standard moisture level and low tolerance for shrinkage.
    4. Straightness throughout the length.
    5. Effective and protective packaging methods of the core for damage free transportation and storage.
    6. Reusability.
    7. Inner and outer printing of the core.
    8. Straight edge cutting 90 degree.
  • Standard product range:

      Unit Min Max
    ID mm 12 504
    Thickness mm 3 20
    Length mm 500 6000
    Strength Customised to requirement
    Moisture   6% 8%
    Edges Smooth edge
    Color As required