Protective packaging

Protective packaging

Jaalouk produces range of edge protectors that strengthen packaging and protect goods during transport and warehousing. Your product will be protected against any possible damage during handling and loading by combining edge protectors in both the horizontal and vertical direction. Your product will achieve better stacking stability, thereby helping to maximize storage space.

Our variety of protective packaging covers all surface finishes and includes colors printed to your specification, providing you with originality and ensuring high visibility of your products, thus bringing additional point-of-sale opportunities. We produces weather resistant edge protector, which guarantees safe arrival no matter where your customer is located. Another feature of our service is the ability to produce round paper edge protector for reels inner and outer diameter protection as well as Slotted edge protector.


    Proper edge protection will give you and your customers greater peace of mind. It will ensure that goods arrive at their destination as they left your premises - in perfect condition. Replacement consignments can truly become a thing of the past.


    Protective packaging

    Jaalouk paper edge protector offers complete protection. these are extremely rigid and robust in use, capable of withstanding more impact and stresses than edge protectors made from other materials. We recognize that superior strength is vital in warehouses both your own and your customers' and, of course, during transport.


    • Available in standard lengths from 50 mm to 4 meters. Longer lengths and special profiles can be supplied to order.
    • Legs length can vary from 25 to 50 mm, thickness from 3 to 5 mm.
    • The standard finish is grey/brown, also available in white and coated for weather resistance.
    • Company names, logos and colors can be added to personalize these paper corner, which gives high visibility to your packaging and sets your product apart, making its appearance truly unique.
    • Cut to short lengths, they serve as protection from high point loading with steel or plastic strapping - thereby enabling higher strapping tensions.
    • Jaalouk corner can be supplied in U form to protect doors, glass and other material edge.

    • Doors, wood and MDF board protection.
    • Fruits and vegetables palletization.
    • Vertical strength of stacking, Supportive edge protector.
    • Protective frame.
    • Edge protector for white goods and home appliance.
    • Consumer and food products.