About us

  • Who we are and how we started?


    Jaalouk co was established in 1994 Syria for manufacturing and marketing of paper tube and cone as a pioneer company.

    Our company has a comprehensive and modern production lines managed by very well trained and qualified stuff.

  • What we do?

    Paper cone, paper tube, and composite cans for food packaging.

  • Goals and values:

    - We aim to be a leader company in term of reliability and credibility in paper tube, cones, and composite cans industry.

    - We aim to satisfy our customers with our high quality product and services.

  • Our markets:

    To fulfill our customers needs, our marketing team target Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, KSA, UAE, Egypt, Yemen and Syria.

    We aim to extend our coverage to include European markets within the next 5 years.

  • Our partners:

    We have an alliance with UNIPAT ( www.unipat-syr.net ) for paper packaging to increase our flexibility in fulfilling our customers needs and requirements.