Paper textile cones

Paper Textile Cones

High performance paper cones produced by Jaalouk contribute to raise productivity and maintain quality product during application on all type of winders (automatic semi-automatic and manual). In addition to standard products, Jaalouk produces customized cones according to customer production lines technology and that is due to the historical experience that Jaalouk enjoys in this field.

  • Jaalouk cones benefits:

    It is obvious to recognize the following benefits when applying Jaalouk paper cone through keeping machine efficiency high and improve start up and reduce high cost phases of rewinding yarns.

  • Dimensional stability:

    Paper Textile Cones

    As we are moving in to automatic winding, dimensional stability of cones becomes very crucial. Spinning machine producers recommends tolerance of + 1 mm in length and +0.25 mm in the top and base inner diameter at most. These tolerance limits are controlled and guaranteed at Jaalouk.

  • Balance:

    By excluding uneven weight areas at the cone surface especially where paper overlap on the inner side, Jaalouk aims to manufacture well-balanced cones where weights is equally distributed on all points of cone.
    All cones should be circular. A slightly oval shape could cause in moving the cone out and to an unhealthy vibration during winding. As start up speed increases the possibility of such obstacles would be higher.

  • Surface :

    Jaalouk uses velvet surface technology for smooth and clean surface.

  • Weight:

    Paper Textile Cones

    Our raw material specifications are well-controlled which result into consistent paper cone weight. This would help yarn producers monitor their product sales quantities.

  • Other added features:

    • Notching of V - Y and U.
    • Reserve slit is available.
    • Inner printing: available upon request.
    • This might include company name. logo, yarn type or any other info.
    • Printed cone: Jaalouk offer creative recognition options for yarn type by printed different colors and shapes.
  • Table of technical date

    Download the Excel Sheet for the Cone Technical Data:
    Excel Sheet